Battenwear Packable Tote Khaki

One of my favorite products from Battenwear is the packable tote. Its ingenious and allows you to carry it anywhere when packed into itself, once you need it turn it into a carry all and look good doing it. 

From the brand:

The Packable Tote was created to make everyday, mundane tasks a bit more bearable (pun intended). Seriously, we love this bag. The short straps are great for when you want to hand-carry your gear, and the adjustable cross-body strap makes for convenient hands-free carrying. And when you’re not using it, pack it up into its little, interior zip pocket for a compact bundle, ready to whip out the next time you need it. It’s a perfect travel accessory, especially since it’s made of water resistant 60/40.

NOTE: This season, we were excited to find a really special, made in USA 60/40 fabric that has a smooth hand-feel that reminds us a lot of vintage mountain parkas. This 60/40 promises to age well, developing new traits and characteristics as you wear the item for years to come.


  • packs up into its own interior zip pocket
  • adjustable cross-body/shoulder strap
  • tote handles
  • water resistant fabric 


  • 60/40 (60% Cotton / 40% Nylon)