Crepe Wrap Soles: Explained

When we first started, For years I had fallen in love with the old made in Maine leather and crepe wraps moccasins I used to see popping up online in vintage stores and on eBay. Its such a different look, being both rugged and raw but at the same time very refined and symbolic of the great work that goes into a true handsewn moccasin. When starting this brand, I wanted that look to be a focus for us. There is no truer handsewn moccasin than one with a leather or crepe wrapped sole. A shoe or boot with this sole has the handsewers skill in every single piece of it. You can see the individual styles of each handsewer on every shoe that goes out the door with a wrap. 

Aside from being the most expensive shoe for us to make labor wise, the crepe wrap has become a real identifying mark of what we do. With the pending arrival of new spring product we have really gotten back to this construction, and in a real way. Almost all our core styles will be represented with either a crepe or Chromepac sole and I for one couldn't be more excited about how heavy on the crepe we are for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. 

Stay tuned in the next 1-2 weeks for the product launch, and I truly hope everyone likes what we are doing for the season. 



ps. We have some amazing retailers who are getting product in their door right about now, and will update our "Stockists" section with the full list very soon as well. Some great styles have been dreamed up by a handful of solid retailers around the globe. Can't wait for for you to check it all out!

Dan Heselton