Waxing Suede, breathing new, longer life into your suede

We get a lot of questions about the proper care of our shoes, boots, and moccasins. One in particular is the care of, cleaning for, and prevention of water damage to suede. Suede is one of our favorite leathers, it offers an unbelievable amount of color options and pulls up around the last and handsews very well. One main issue with it is that it can be stained and has some trouble when it comes to water. One thing you can do, is pretty simple, wax your boots!

Follow along below with how to do it, and see the end result of the process that resulted when I stained my wear test pair of Scout Boots and wanted to see what happened...

Start by following the standard instructions. I like to head the can up on a radiator or with the hairdryer I'm going to use throughout the process. I like to use a dish towel to apply the wax, and make sure it gets into all the stitch channels and holes. It is vital to make sure the shoe is evenly covered in wax.

Next, after you are sure that the shoe is covered, You can use a hair dryer to melt the wax into the leather and stitches, or set it my a radiator or other heat source for a couple hours to let it really sink in. 

Once the wax is melted, go ahead and buff away excess and work the remaining product into the shoe. You will see the color darken up a little but, but since its a natural product it isn't drastic. Just adds that right bit of color change. 

After finishing look the shoe or boot over, make sure the wax is melted and clean and evenly on the shoe. Now you are ready to go out in those things without worry! 



Dan Heselton